History of Esplins


Esplins Solicitors has come a long way since founders, Phillip Esplin and Stephen Rush, first hung up their own firm shingle at Martin Place in February 1989.  Over the ensuing and very enjoyable 33 years Esplins Solicitors has prided itself on giving sound legal and commercial advice with that personal touch to its many and varied loyal clients. 

During that quarter century Esplins Solicitors has had many hard working and talented solicitors come and go as well as secretaries and administrators who all helped build Esplins’ reputation for solving difficult legal and commercial problems for its clients.  The success of Esplins owes much to the relationship between founders, Phillip Esplin and Stephen Rush, with Phillip allegedly being the “thinker” and Stephen the “worker” as highlighted by the anecdote below:

In the early nineties with interest rates very high and Phillip and Stephen discussed arranging a “cap” and “floor” on Esplins’ interest rate commitments.  Some months later Phillip said to Stephen “Rushy did you organise that ‘cap’ and ‘floor’ on our interest rates?” to which Stephen replied “No”.  Phillip started berating everyone so Stephen said to him “If it was so critical why didn’t you do it yourself?” to which Phillip replied “Mate, I am the ideas man it is up to you to get everything organised”.

That kindred spirit continues today with Phillip’s son, Hamish, enjoying a similar partnership with Stephen (albeit without the same “ideas” as his father).  Esplins Solicitors looks forward to continuing its association with its many and varied clients since 1989.